Rough Guide To African Blues "3rd Edition" Vinyl LP

Rough Guide To African Blues "3rd Edition" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $20.99

In the twenty years since Malian guitar legend Ali Farka Touré won his first Grammy, a whole spectrum of African Blues has become hugely popular with a global audience. The shades of Blues on this Rough Guide range from the deep indigo of the Saharan nomads to a vivid Madagascan cobalt.

Track Listing:

Yer Mali Gakoyoyo

Jef Jel

Dani Dou

Niang Balo



Adounia (Life)

Miraisahina (Unity)

Blues Song

Gueza Tabiya



Ahel Allel


Imoussanan (Bonus Track)

Kammo Tarhanin (Bonus Track)

Imadanan Id Madiakan (Bonus Track)

Talaouit (Bonus Track)

Talitin (Bonus Track)

Attarech (Bonus Track)

Amoud (Bonus Track)

Tamiditin (Bonus Track)

Emassli Na Taregh (Bonus Track)

Iblis Odouad (Bonus Track)

Aiytma feat. Malebo (Bonus Track)

Type: Music

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