Rubberoom "Black Box b/w Born" (12" Vinyl)

Rubberoom "Black Box b/w Born" (12" Vinyl)

12" Vinyl - $4.99

Underground hip-hop group consisting of two MC's (Lumba Blackwood and Meta-Mo) and two instrumentalists (Isle of Weight and Mr. Echoes from The Opus). Based in what is known as the "Chicago Land Area" (Maywood and Bellwood, Ill) Rubberoom, formed and independently began to release material, in 1992. Through electrifying stage performances, and out of the box hip-hop production, Rubberoom started a buzz that began to envelope and go beyond the mid-west region.


  1. Black Box
  2. Black Box (Instrumental)
  3. Born
  4. Born (Instrumental)

Type: Music

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