Rudy Ray Moore "This Ain't No White Christmas" (Vinyl LP)

Rudy Ray Moore "This Ain't No White Christmas" (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl - $22.99

Limited to 1200

Rudy Ray Moore was a storyteller extraordinaire, a hilarious, low-down dirty man, and a legit trailblazer in the world of no-holds-barred, fuck-the-censors comedy. This classic, live Christmas album shows Moore in the 1970s form that cemented his late-night legacy. The song Š—“Merry Christmas, BabyŠ—? starts things off Š—– a slow, dusty blues number bolstered by a wobbly but upright backing band. The song itself is PG, extolling the virtues of a caring partner and the joy of the season. Truth be told, itŠ—Ès a warm and wonderful holiday song. Good old fashioned family fun.But with the man also known Dolomite, the Š—“down and dirtyŠ—? is never far away. Side 2 is where things get good (and X-rated.. It all starts with Rudy retelling Š—“The Night Before ChristmasŠ—? Š—– with his grooving backing band Š—– in his trademark raunchy style.. Also included, a psychedelic blues number, detailing Brother RapŠ—Ès visit to heaven (to get dirty, of course). And it all finishes up with a thematically appropriate Christmas themed tale, with the term mtherf*cker used in potentially record-breaking numbers. ItŠ—Ès what youŠ—Èd expect from the legendary, foul-mouthed, groundbreaking comedy legend. A perfect way to keep the holidays from becoming too much of a Hallmark moment.


  1. Merry Christmas Baby
  2. Lip On
  3. Night Before Christmas Part One
  4. Health Department
  5. Night Before Chistmas Part Two
  6. Eatin' Pussy
  7. Black Cat
  8. Brother Rapp's Dream (St. Peter)

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