S. Fidelity "Five To Nine" Vinyl LP

S. Fidelity "Five To Nine" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $16.99
  • Limited Edition of 300 Copies!
  • Housed in special Picture Cover with middle hole. Includes a Bluestaeb Remix - Mastered by Figub Brazlevic!

From nine to five, from five to nine. As soon as the day-job is done, the formal shirt is replaced by a hoodie Š—– buttons get pushed rhythmically. Nighttime brings out the Mr. Hyde in Dr. Jekyll and the S. Fidelity in this Swiss boy living in Berlin. With his first EP "Five to Nine" S. Fidelity carefully compiled a small collection of gems kept secret Š—– until now. Over the course of 8 tracks, he showcases a wide variety of styles, ranging from laid-back instrumentals to rap and futuristic neo-soul. For the completion of his debut EP, the 22-year-old beatmaker joined forces with the Berlin singer LaN’_ and Tokyo's Tajima Hal on one track and Rob Really from Moontroop featuring on a second one. The features add a complementary touch to S. Fidelity's compositions and thereby contribute to the complete range of his sonic spectrum.

Side A:

1) Soundcheck
2) Hit The Dank
3) Second Chance (With LaN’_ And Tajima Hal)
4) Zigaretta

Side B:ξ

1) The Brain (With Rob Really)
2) Wasted Night
3) Bounce With Me
4) Another Wasted Night (Bluestaeb Redesign)

Type: Music

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