Sa-Roc "Nebuchadnezzar" CD

Sa-Roc "Nebuchadnezzar" CD

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Sa-roc the MC hails from the southeastern area of Washington DC, a city that's a mash up of poverty stricken hoods, a strong radical movement, and a fierce loyalty to cultural preservation. A product of African-centered parents, Sa-roc developed a rebel mentality from an early age. She grew up on the music of Jimi Hendrix, Gil Scott Heron, and Earth, Wind & Fire. Hence the soundtrack to her life is a clash of sounds ranging from GoGo, Rock to Hip-Hop. It wasn't until 2002, when Sa-roc met Atlanta producer Sol Messiah, that she developed a sound that is one part hood poetry, one part Hip Hop and one part Trip Hop. Her music creates a visual, melodic and rhythmic assault that fuels a fresh perspective of a ground breaking musical art form. From subject matter ranging from melanin to pyramids, Sa-roc spits metaphysical ideas over Hip-Hop beats, seeking to fuse knowledge of self with great music.

Track List: 

1) Isfet (Chaos) 

2) Black Magic

3) Maximum Frequency

4) Her Legacy

5) Who?

6) Lost Sunz

7) Nebuchadnezzar

8) Assassin's Sound

9) Persian Splendor

10) Legendary

11) We Can All Fly

12) Code of Hammurasi

13) True Mastery 

14) Indigo Child

15) Triangle Offensive

16) Lyrical Manifesto

17) Holy Tablets

18) Maat (Balance) 

19) Elohim

20) She

Type: Music

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