Saigon "GSNT 3: The Troubled Times of Brian Carenard" CD

Saigon "GSNT 3: The Troubled Times of Brian Carenard" CD

CD - $9.99
  • The Third Chapter of Saigon's "The Greatest Story Never Told" Series
  • Featuring Just Blaze, Omar Epps, Big Daddy Kane, Memphis Bleek. Kool G Rap and many more!
  • Production by DJ Premier & Clev Trev! 

Saigon's, "The Greatest Story Never Told, Chapter 3: The Troubled Times of Brian Carenard", covers the rapper's problems with religion, society and the rap game itself. Those are the same topics as previous albums, and while the lyrics flow as easily as before, there are some new stylistic choices to savor - including the big pop highlight, "Come Alive". The album feature modern artists and artists like Big Daddy Kane who brings in the old-school cool vibe, making it one well-rounded part three of his series. 

Track List: 

1) Back To Reality feat Just Blaze

2) Come Alive feat Corbett

3) Street Gospel feat P. Jericho

4) Definitions from Bryonn Bain 

5) Sinner's Prayer feat Papoose & Omar Epps

6) My Mama Thinks I'm Crazy feat Curbside Hustle

7) Mine, Mine, Mine

8) Let's Get Smart

9) One Foot in the Door

10) Nunya (None of Your Business)

11) Best Mistake feat G. Martin

12) Deception

13) Bring That

14) Mechanical Animals feat Memphis Bleek, Lil Bibby & Kool G Rap

15) Contraband 3 (A, B, C, D)

16) Reincarnation feat Bryonn Bain 

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