Samurai Guru "Medosphere (The Atmosphere Of Melodies)"

Samurai Guru "Medosphere (The Atmosphere Of Melodies)"

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Cold Busted reaches deep into the Los Angeles underground to reveal the compelling beat-maker Samurai Guru and his mind-expanding album Medosphere (The Atmosphere Of Melodies). Deftly meshing boom bap rhythms and soulful lounge musicalities, Samurai Guru has confidently developed his cosmic sound previously introduced through releases on Cult Classic Records and Nekubi Tapes. Thoughtful sample arrangements, spacey embellishments, and proper head-nodding beats typify the eleven cuts that make up Medosphere, with the sequence giving the impression of an audio voyage through the producerŠ—Ès psyche. Cuts like Š—“Night CruiseŠ—? accentuate the boom bap vibe, with some glitchy drum programming thrown in for good measure, while other highlights, such as the dreamy Š—“These Days Seems So LongŠ—?, show a wistful, smoked-out side to Samurai GuruŠ—Ès personality. Snippets of movie dialogue and fanciful interludes give further clues to cracking the albumŠ—Ès secret code. Medosphere (The Atmosphere Of Melodies) signals an introspective sonic expedition worth taking.


1.ξ8AM (Intro) 00:41
2.ξNight Cruise 02:38
3.ξGoing Away For A While 02:37
4.ξThese Days Seem So Long 03:40
5.ξTime Heals All 03:36
6.ξBetween You and Me 03:09
7.ξWhen It Was A1 (Interlude) 01:46
8.ξJust Like That Fa'Real 03:00
9.ξ(P&P) Pleasure and Pain 03:37
10.ξA Devil's Way 01:59
11.ξA Sad Man's (Interlude)

Type: Music

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