Scribble Jam 9: 2004 Dvd

Scribble Jam 9: 2004 Dvd

DVD - $11.20

The largest Hip-Hop festival on either side of the Mississippi actually takes place in the heart of the Midwest. It takes place in Ohio of all places, and showcases not just one, but all the elements of Hip-Hop as they are meant to be. This DVD is filled with Scribble Jam 2004 Highlights that will keep even the oldest heads entertained. Scribble Jam has turned into a cultural melting pot of people who embody every element of Hip-Hop. Scribble Jam 2004 brought some of the best battles EVER! See the clash between two top Canadian DJs; Brace and Scratch Bastid battle it out in the finals. Also after 36 contestants, the 2004 pool of MCs came down to Mac Lethal (Scribble Jam MC 2002 Champ) and Illmaculate, a 17-year-old MC all the way from Portland who was competing for the first time. It was a battle between old and new, but in the end, youth prevailed and Illmaculate walked away with $2000 and the title as the youngest MC to win in Scribble Jam history.

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