Sean Anonymous & DJ Name "Cold Shoulder" b/w "Sultan of Swat" 7 Inch Vinyl

Sean Anonymous & DJ Name "Cold Shoulder" b/w "Sultan of Swat" 7 Inch Vinyl

7 Inch Vinyl - $4.99

Excerpt from a piece written by Kevin Beacham for 89.3 The Current Blog:

It's nice to see more local artists choosing to do vinyl releases, which helps add some value to the music and gives fans something collectable from the artist. The 7" includes two tracks,“Cold Shoulder" featuring Lizzo and “Sultan Of Swat" featuring Phillip Morris. “Sultan Of Swat" has a heavy and grimy feel, moving at a perfect pace, setting the mood for the MCs to articulate some nice wordplay, such as when Sean Anon drops, “Little kiddo, slight offensive, rental window slightly tinted/It's been a mighty minute, parties with the Cryphy digits!" Early on in his verse, Chicago MC, Phillip Morris shows some love for his new home and gives a glimpse at his recording ethics, “It's a great day to be in Minneapolis, the truth's clear/I've had a better disposition since I moved here/Head over to Waterbury to record a verse/I knock it out instead of punching punchlines in shorter spurts!" On the opposite side, “Cold Shoulder" has a polished and clean album single feel and features Sean Anon and Lizzo rocking double-time rhymes about a variety of topics, including more than a few choice words about the Minnesota winter.

Track Listing:

Side A

Cold Shoulder Featuring Lizzo

Side B

Sultan Of Swat Featuring Phillip Morris

Type: Music

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