Self Jupiter & Kenny Segal "The Kleenrz" CD

Self Jupiter & Kenny Segal "The Kleenrz" CD

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The Kleenrz (pronounced: Da Cleaners) is a collaboration by two of Los Angeles rap's most mysterious artists - the monolithic, Victorian street poet, ex-con and inner city griot, Self Jupiter and the ubiquitously credited, yet seldom seen producer/beatmaker Kenny Segal (Abstract Rude, Freestyle Fellowship).

Segal's production builds a sinister foundation that that fills the music with texture and uncertainty, allowing Jupiter's eerily vivid writing style and nonchalant delivery to space to tell the clandestine tales of The Kleenrz: stark reality, disturbing details, time to think, rethink, and un-think what you thought you knew.

Kenny Segal and Self Jupiter made sure that this project is dark but fun, disturbing yet cool; the record is art-rap noire, Project Blowed meets Fritz Lang. The cast of guests includes Nocando, MURS, Volume 10, Abstract Rude, Subtitle, Alpha MC, Gajah and Shing02.

All songs produced, recorded, and mixed by Kenny Segal at Jaka's Crib. Mastered by Dave Cooley (Madlib - Shades of Blue, Jaylib, Madvillain).

The Kleenrz original artwork by James Reitano, who is responsible for award-winning animated videos for Kool Keith, Madvillian and Cut Chemist.


Track Listing:

1. The Interview

2. Filthy (feat. Fanny Franklin)

3. Mr Sandman

4. Best Served Cold

5. Nasty

6. City Lights (feat. Nocando)

7. Altered States (feat. Subtitle, Alpha MC, Gajah, Murs, Volume 10)

8. Outer Rings (feat. Abstract Rude, Shing02)

9. A Big Mess (feat. DJ Prolifix)

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