Shirley Nanette "Never Coming Back"

Shirley Nanette "Never Coming Back"

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In the early seventies, Hank Swarn and Shirley Nanette collaborated on a project called "Never Coming Back". Swarn had been on the road for five years, lending his guitar-backing talent to Earl Grant and his band. While on tour, he wrote some tunes that were ultimately released on the "Never Coming Back" album. Al Nanette approached Hank about putting together a record with Shirley, who was also keen on getting in the studio. Luckily, Swarn already had songs to bring to the session.

With the support some talented local musicians, the album was recorded-mostly in one or two takes-in a little over a week. Unfortunately, the album saw little exposure. Needless to say, this tremendous effort by Nanette, who continues to sing and perform in Portland, has touched the hearts of many who've recently heard the album for the first time.


Track listing:

1. All Of Your Life

2.People Are Thinking

3. Give And Take

4. Heaven On Earth

5. I'm So Glad

6. Limelight

7. Never Coming Black

8. Sometimes

9. Tropic Of Love

10. Yours Truly Love

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