Silver Bullet "Bring Down The Walls No Limit Squad Returns" CD

Silver Bullet "Bring Down The Walls No Limit Squad Returns" CD

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Digitally remastered and expanded edition of this 1991 debut album from the British rapper. A breathless whirlwind of frantic beats, B-movie strings and motor-mouth verses - a musical template later hijacked wholesale by The Prodigy - it summons the menace of the four horsemen themselves. And while both early 12s were intact, Bullet's lyrical focus had shifted from the dark side to more militant concerns, as evident on the hit lead single 'Undercover Anarchist' and on the sucker-serving likes of 'Raw Deal' and 'Guns Of Mind Alone'. Hardcore from the heart, it's a blistering adrenalin rush that cements its creator's hard-won innovative credentials.


  1. 20 Seconds to Comply
  2. Raw Deal
  3. Attitude Academy
  4. Undercover Anarchist
  5. Ruff Karnage
  6. Bring Forth the Guillotine
  7. Guns of Mind Alone
  8. Legions of the Damned
  9. He Spins Around
  10. Bring Down The Walls No Limit Squad Returns
  11. 20 Seconds to Comply
  12. Undercover Anarchist
  13. Ruff Karnage
  14. Never Authorise Apocalypse

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