Sixo "Free Floating Rationales" CD

Sixo "Free Floating Rationales" CD

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Sixo is an indie hip hop aficionado and professional dirt bike racer from Ft. Worth, TX who has been dabbling in beat making since the early 2000s. After being debilitated by some serious racing injuries, Sixo decided to hone in on his music production craft and advance his own sound. ξThe songs he created with the group "Imaginary Friends" lead LA based rappers such The Shapeshifters, 2Mex and Ceschi to pay attention and collaborate with him on his first solo venture in 2006. ξNow in 2012 Sixo has truly developed his style and has worked closely with Fake Four Inc. to put together a collection of hip hop bangers featuring Fake Four artists such as Awol One, Sole, Myka 9, Onry Ozzborn, Gregory Pepper, Ceschi and more!

Track Listing:

  1. Gorgeous (feat. Awol One / Ceschi)
  2. Beacon Street
  3. Slow Life (feat. Cainam)
  4. Lobster (feat. Poindexter)
  5. Bling Coats (feat. Ceschi / Hologram Dagger)
  6. Government Bonds (feat. Sole)
  7. Trees (feat. Myka 9 (Mikah 9))
  8. Dead Brain House
  9. Rocker John (feat. LEIF(kolt))
  10. Lord of the Flies (feat. Gregory Pepper)
  11. Everscape (feat. Hier Max / Poindexter)
  12. Thief (feat. Cheschi / Onry Ozzborn)
  13. Paper Pathway (feat. Moka Only)
  14. Raining Glass (feat. Poindexter)
  15. Get Me Out (feat. Existereo / Barfly)
  16. Atom Bomb

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