SlimKid3 & DJ Nu-Mark Album

SlimKid3 & DJ Nu-Mark Album

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In an age of slammin’ superhero crossovers, get ready for a Hip-Hop team-up to beat them all: Slimkid3 & DJ Nu-Mark! With the Delicious Vinyl release of their album-lengtheponymous collaboration, the legendary Pharcyde MC and Jurassic 5 DJ/producer have created a soulful Hip-Hop soundtrack for the ages.

Ever since his time as a founding member of The Pharcyde, Slimkid3 has stood out for his relationship raps, both warm-hearted and coolly observant. As an innovative member Jurassic 5, DJ Nu-Mark has long propelled golden era sounds into the future.

"Ding ding! True school is in session!" trumpeted when Tre & Nu-Mark released their freebie EP Another Day, Another Dollar in 2011. The duo knew they were onto something good, and re-upped to create new music. The new album's standout tracks include "Bouillon" featuring Del and Murs, "King" featuring Diamond D, reggae-fueled summer jam "Bom Bom Fiya" and "I Know, Didn't I" a savvy flip of Darondo's soul classic.

Track Listing:


1. Work Hard (feat. K-Natural)

2. Let Me Hit It

3. I Know Didn’t I (feat. Darondo)

4. Fade To Black (feat. J-Live)

5. No Pity Party 

6. What Are Words For

7. King (feat. Diamond D. & K-Natural)

8. Bom Bom Fiya

9. Godzilla Or Gamera

10. Boullion (feat. Del & Murs)




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