Slum Village "Slum Village" CD

Slum Village "Slum Village" CD

CD - $15.99

Following the drama of personnel shake-ups and a return to hometown label Barak, Detroit's Slum Village sounds leaner and meaner on this self-titled 2005 release. Slimmed down to the duo of Elzhi and T3, Slum Village sounds more focused and serious, with their groove-oriented, Native Tongues vibe balanced nicely by edgy production from Jay Dee, Young RJ, and Black Milk. Most impressive, though, is the rhyming by the group's two principal MCs who unfold enough dazzling verbal dexterity to keep SLUM VILLAGE firmly lodged in the stereo.


  1. Giant
  2. Set It
  3. Can I Be Me
  4. Call Me
  5. 05
  6. 1,2
  7. Multiply
  8. 1-800-S-L-U-M
  9. Hear This
  10. Def Do Us
  11. Hell Naw!
  12. EZ Up
  13. Fantastic

Type: Music

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