Sole "Man's Best Friend: Poly Sci 187" CD

Sole "Man's Best Friend: Poly Sci 187" CD

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Man's Best Friend Volume 4: Poly.Sci.187 is a 2007 instrumental album by hip-hop artist Sole. Sole adopted the "Man's Best Friend" moniker for this album (as he had first done for the Volume 2 re-release), intending upon releasing instrumental work under that name. However, "Man's Best Friend" has since reverted to the title of a series of self-produced albums (as it began) with the release of fifth and sixth entries in the series. Poly.Sci.187 thereby retroactively became Man's Best Friend Volume 4.


Track Listing:

1. "Dedemma Speaks"

2. "The Teachings of Leviticus"

3. "Wilting Onward"

4. "High Noon and Sobered"

5. "All I Ever Wanted"

6. "Stuck in My Head Since I Was 12"

7. "Giant Man Eating Bird"

8. "Bosnian Jazz"

9. "Spin the Humans"

10. "50 at 30"

11. "Firefish"

12. "Father vs Courage"

13. "Party Till We Drop"

14. "Missile Defense"

14. "How Big Is Space"

15. "6million Wayz 2live"

Type: Music

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