Southside Desire "Southside Desire"

Southside Desire "Southside Desire"

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Southside Desire check all the boxes that get them called a soul band, with layered backup harmonies, chick-chick guitar, damp ghost-noted snare, and muted bass. But thereŠ—Ès a Midwestern punk rock grittiness that sets them apart from neo-soul bands. All of the members of the band grew up at basement punk shows and those ethos and aesthetics are reflected in this band. Their debut LP, 2012Š—Ès Songs to Love and Die To (Pi’±ata Records) was hailed as the best Twin Cities album of the year and received uniformly glowing reviews.

Marvel Devitt is the bandŠ—Ès lead singer and principal songwriter. SheŠ—Ès lived in Minneapolis all her life and her insightful lyrics are a perfect mix of vulnerability and resilience, with her melodies underscored by two extremely talented back-up singers Gloria Iacono and Joy Spika (who contributes her song Š—“Dirty Hands PrayerŠ—?). The rhythm section is comprised of DevittŠ—Ès husband Trevor Engelbrektson (bass), PaulξPuleo (guitar) and Damien Tank (drums).

Southside Desire is a completely Midwestern soul, pop and punk-rock album in the best way. Recorded in several studios over a year, thereŠ—Ès a new variety of sound and instrumentation on this record. A song has crashing layers of guitars and keyboard while the next is just piano and vocals. DevittŠ—Ès lyrics have grown more insightful: at once sweet and biting with each song a story. The punk rock, new wave and power-pop influences are more prominent, mixed with Mellow Mafia smoothness and Brill Building songwriting science. Ultimately, Southside Desire is a brilliantly unified album of distinct and unique songs.

Track List:ξ

1) Four Broken Souls

2) Double Dutch

3) Recognize

4) The Heat

5) Taking Time

6) The Ledge

7) Missing

8) Make or Break

9) Dirty Hands Prayer

10) Take It

11) Deliverξ

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