Spence "Love Adventure" Vinyl EP

Spence "Love Adventure" Vinyl EP

Vinyl EP - $14.99

Love Adventure is the debut modern funk EP from Austin, TX native and ABC founder Danny Spence. The album is a vision of beach boogie through an exotic lens; a warm combination of modern funk, hip-hop, and jungle sounds. The album is a chill yet funky listening experience, eliciting visions of summer afternoons and evenings by the beach. Š—“Ear to EarŠ—? is a cheery slice of modern funk goodness with some future R&B flavor. Bright chords, a buttery lead, and pounding 808 bass define the bumper "Sand." Š—“Love AdventureŠ—? is a smooth uptempo joint that glides along with sweet Rhodes flourishes and prominent bongo drums. Inspired by spacey 70Š—Ès jazz funk, "Goodnight" floats along with soaring chords, funky bass, and ocean sounds. Designed with a nightcap in mind. Š—“Mai TaiŠ—? is SpenceŠ—Ès take on liquid jungle. Island vibes aplenty come from the steel drum-like chords, jazzy bridge, and vivacious percussion.


1) "Ear To Ear"

2) "Sand"

3) "Love Adventure"

4) "Goodnight"

5) "Mai Tai"

Type: Music

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