SPK "In The Thick Of It" (Vinyl EP)

SPK "In The Thick Of It" (Vinyl EP)

Vinyl EP - $14.99

In The Thick Of It is the brainchild of Spencer Kenney under the moniker SPK, marking the 2nd release from JT DonaldsonŠ—Ès New Math Records. Hail- ing from DallasŠ—È famed Booker T Washington High School (read Erykah Badu, Norah Jones, Edie Brickell & Roy Hargrove), Spencer has been fine tuning his craft in several bands since graduating and is now releasing his debut EP for New Math Records. In The Thick Of It is parts psychdelia, elec- tronica and indie pop, mixing Surf Š—Ès Up-era Beach Boys, Mac Demarco and Flying Lotus on a sonic journey spanning 7 songs.


  1. Intro
  2. Peace / Piece of Mind
  3. Changing
  4. Prelude to a...
  5. Stayin up Lateξ
  6. Stole My Eyez
  7. Unexpected Delight

Type: Music

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