Stepart "Playground"

Stepart "Playground"

CD - $17.99
Vinyl LP - $24.99

Following the massive success of « Another night » Stepart is back on Stand High Records with his debut LP. « Playground » takes listeners on a deep bass journey and presents exclusive tracks crafted with the Parisian producer's subtle mixing technique and attention to detail.

Recorded between 2014 and 2016 the LP is a tribute to the golden era of dub influenced dubstep with ten instrumental tracks as well as a vocal by Pupajim. Playing with styles, Stepart elegantly breaks the rules and invites you to settle in his Lost World Studio.


1. Jungle
2. Lovin Death
3. Groove Lost
4. Angel Dust
5. Gangsta Riot
6. Desperate
7. Non Stop (feat. Pupajim)
8. Nemesys
9. Paddy
10. Afrikaa
11. Papaya (feat. Merry)

Type: Music

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