Sun & La "ILL Collage" (CD)

Sun & La "ILL Collage" (CD)

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Sun Chi Som and T La Shawn, both Minneapolis based artists, have combined forces as Sun & La. Thier first golden era inspired project together, Ill Collage, was birthed in a hospital room where T La Shawn had just undergone emergency heart surgery and almost died. Sun began bringing in his gear and crafting tunes for T La to write to and recover with in hopes of producing an EP. The two soon discovered they had a solid musical chemistry and decided to make a full length project. It is entirely produced by Sun Chi Som and there are no other vocalist besides T La Shawn. The pair, both heavily influenced by NYC Hiphop, felt it was important to focus on giving the listener an experience similar to one that might have taken place in the 90's before features and guest appearances were commonplace. Both have a love for their crafts of crate-digging beat making and emceeing in their purest forms.


  1. Sun Up (Intro)
  2. Give Em Hell
  3. Tuff Guy
  4. Shades On
  5. Who's Fresher?ξ
  6. Takin My Micξ
  7. Fall Backξ
  8. Art of Warξ
  9. High Noon (Interlude)ξ
  10. Words Glisten (feat. DJ Bionik)
  11. Thot Proce$$ξ
  12. Sota Red Hotξ
  13. Back In The Gameξ
  14. Sun Down (Outro)

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