Sunspot Jonz "No Guts No Glory" CD

Sunspot Jonz "No Guts No Glory" CD

CD - $13.99

No Guts, No Glory is part 1 of "Journey To The Sun", the new Sunspot Jonz album you've been fiending for! All-new material with beats from a variety of today's dopest producers. The drawn cover is only on the limited first edition of this CD. - Access Hip Hop

Track Listing;

1. The Whisper

2. Spark

3. Rumble

4. Jesse & Ronnie

5. Noneya's White Horse (Mahogany mix)

6. Drugstore Cowboy (The Barfight Anthem)

7. The Conductor (feat. Scarub / Luckyiam (PSC)

8. Spell on me (Oakland lonely Rockstar remix)

9. Caliber

10. Black Fang

11. Oz (feat. Moka Only)

12. Hellboy

13. Emerald (It was U)

14. Another way out (feat. Abstract Rude)

15. Officer & a Gentleman

Type: Music

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