Supa Dave West "Beat Boxing"

Supa Dave West "Beat Boxing"

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If youŠ—Ère looking for 23 fresh gems to vibe with, then Supa Dave West has got you covered with, Beat Boxing. Simply put, SDW is a producer thatŠ—Ès mastered the art of putting the boom in the bap. Though fans may have first tuned in to the sounds of the former Jamaica, Queens drummer / beatsmith with his production contributions to De La SoulŠ—Ès catalog over the years, on tracks like Š—“Bionix,Š—? Š—“Baby Phat,Š—? Š—“Watch Out,Š—? Š—“The Grind Date,Š—? and many more, thatŠ—Ès just scratching the surface. With recent credits that include Š—“The DoeŠ—? and Š—“No OneŠ—Ès HomeŠ—? from J DillaŠ—Ès Give Them What They Want maxi-single (to be featured on the late producerŠ—Ès album, The Diary), as well as various tracks with the likes of Talib Kweli, Common, Slum Village, Planet Asia and Ghostface Killah, SDW has aligned himself with some of the best to ever do it.

The beauty of Beat Boxing lies in itŠ—Ès ability to act as an ambitious, well rounded project that is well rooted to the foundation of the craft, while also venturing into new territories. Instead of seemingξthrown together, Boxing comes across as a meticulously planned construct. Its scattered, unexpected drums bear production sensibilities resemblant to Dilla, and the sound coming out of The UmmahŠ—Ès production camp at the time, while being unique enough for people to get a sense of what West is all about. Supa Dave WestŠ—Ès Beat Boxing has received co-signs from The Source, XXLMAG, Egotrip, Mass Appeal, Okayplayer & 2Dopeboyz, to name a few, and for good reason: his music is awesome.

Track Listing:

´Žè1. Intro
2. Hardwired
3. Coke Cola
4. Rockwell
5. Roll Call
6. Rags To Riches
7. Party Up Say Hoe
8. In And Out
9. Indian Buffet
10. Dark And Light
11. Beat Boxin
12. Keep On DancinŠ—È
13. LetŠ—Ès Rock
14. Bounce
15. DonŠ—Èt Touch My Records
16. Spitters Dream
17. Heaven
18. Lil SomethinŠ—È
19. DoveŠ—Ès Basement
20. Fight Music (Sherlock Holmes Tutorial)
21. Da God
22. Who Is It ... Outro
23. One For The Road

Type: Music

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