Superhuman Happiness "GMYL" 7 inch Vinyl

Superhuman Happiness "GMYL" 7 inch Vinyl

Vinyl - $6.39

Superhuman Happiness is a group put together by Stuart Bogie, horn wizard for Antibalas, TV on the Radio, the Sway Machinery and many, many more. Superhuman Happiness was founded in 2008 to seek joy and love through shared rhythm and melody, composed and improvised. Stuart Bogie is currently the sax player in the Fela! musical and is producing upcoming tracks for Fela! lead, SAHR NGAUJAH. SHH's tracks end up sounding like instrumentals for bank robbing, beach combing, lamenting lost ideas, and running the sword of integrity through the heart of evil monsters who hunt for pleasure, despite having ever tasted such a thing.


  1. GMYL

Type: Music

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