Superstar Quamallah & Deqawn ''Talking All That Jazz'' 10 inch Vinyl

Superstar Quamallah & Deqawn ''Talking All That Jazz'' 10 inch Vinyl

Vinyl - $12.74

Fresh off the incredibly well received Invisible Man album (Brick/Cotter Records, 2009) and a string of 7-inch singles, Superstar Quamallah returns alongside South Bronx emcee DeQawn and Cali based producer Izznyce. Together, the trio have woven together a most excellent modern day hip-hop album entitled Talkin' All That Jazz -- an ALBUM in the sense of cohesiveness, purpose, and pride in making a memorable recording. Listen to it 10 years from now and you'll still enjoy it.


This limited-edition 10-inch vinyl sampler, the first of its kind from the Brick Records camp, gives you six (!) curated cuts from the album -- ranging from the free flowing, mic-passing, lead single "Manhattan Reflections" to the harder hitting "Guerilla Tactics." All tracks indicative of the great chemistry the friends have in the studio as they do in life.


Also included are the title cut "Talkin' All That Jazz," the upbeat anthem "Get 'Em," the bouncy and boastful "Bad Muthafucka," and the soulful -- lead single companion -- "LA Reflections." 


1. Manhattan Reflections

2. Guerilla Tactics

3. Talkin' All That Jazz

4. Get 'Em

5. Bad Muthaf@Kah

6. Cali Reflections

Type: Music

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