Sweat Band "Sweat Band" CD

Sweat Band "Sweat Band" CD

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1980 s "Sweat Band" was originally envisioned to be the 5th release from Bootsy Collin s funktacular Rubber Band. But somehow Bootsy lost the rights to the Rubber Band name to, of all things, a folk act. But rest assured, though the name may be slightly different, all the funk is intact. For this outing Bootsy s background with James Brown and as a major contributor to the Parliament Funkadelic family are in full effect. Players on the project include Michael Hampton and Garry Shider on guitar, Bernie Worrell on the keys, as well as a horn line comprising Fred Wesley, Richard Griffith and Maceo Parker.

Track Listing;

  1. Hyper Space
  2. Freak To Freak
  3. Love Munch
  4. We Do It All Day Long (Reprise)
  5. Jamaica
  6. Body Shop
  7. We Do It All Day Lon

Type: Music

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