Tanya Morgan "You and What Army" CD

Tanya Morgan "You and What Army" CD

CD - $12.99

Tanya Morgan team up with HiPNOTT Records to release the digital only album, You & What Army on physical CD, July 17 2012. Arguably one of their dopest projects to date, the new CD version will include 3 bonus remixes produced by member Von Pea. 

"The EP is a natural progression, in that it blends the production sounds that you heard on our solo albums into one cohesive set of songs," says Donwill. "We also were conscious of people noticing that the trio is now a duo, so we wanted to ensure that this and all future projects have a different sound and feel than Brooklynati and Moonlighting." -KEVIN NOTTINGHAM


Track Listing:

1. Intro 

2. Do It Tanya (feat. Tiffany Paige) 

3. Whatever That's Mine 

4. Gotta Get Over It (feat. Napoleon & Che Grand) 

5. Rock The Bells 

6. In The City 

7. Borrow That (feat. Jermiside) 

8. We Rollin 

9. Together (feat. Exile)

Type: Music

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