The B Line EP Volume 2 (Various Artists)

The B Line EP Volume 2 (Various Artists)

Vinyl LP - $9.99
  • Imported Limited Edition Vinyl LP
  • Features artists like MCM, Rola, Beattrix, Heavy Links, Chrome & Illinspired, Specifik, Agent Finch, Reachwun, Turroe, Junior Disprol, Whirlwind D, Coherant, Mr Fantastic, The Doozer, The Criminal Minds, AKS, Sir Beans OBE, Figure Of Speech, Dj Tones, and Sparkplug.

Track List:

Side A

1) No Airs And Graces (Rola, Junior Disprol & Turroe, Cuts by Sir Beans OBE)

2) Remain/SPECIFIKS RAINY DAY MIX (Reachwun ft. Mr Fantastic)

3) Figure With The Speeches (Sir Beans OBE ft. Figure of Speech)

4) End Up (Beattrix ft. The Doozer)

5) Ashes (Whirlwind D & Coherent. Produced by Mr Fantastic)

Side B

1) Do It (Agent Finch & Specifik ft. MCM)

2) Full Length Goose (Chrome & Illinspired. Produced by Beattrix)

3) Natural Disasters (Heavy Links)

4) Rocking The Planet (The Criminal Minds ft. AKS & DJ Tones)

5) Take My Life (Sparkplug)

Type: Music

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