The Baroques "The Baroques" Vinyl LP

The Baroques "The Baroques" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $24.99

First-ever mono reissue of this extremely rare & mind melting 1967 lo-fi psych/garage classic! Originally released on the legendary Chess Records. Pressed on premium R.T.I. vinyl. A must for the garage and psych aficionados. ''If Leonard Cohen barged into an Electric Prunes recording after obliterating his mind in an all-night glue-sniffing binge it might have sounded something like this.'' - RisingStorm.netξ


1) Iowa, A Girl's Name

2) Seasons

3) Mary Jane

4) Roe Colored Glasses

5)ξmusical tribute to the oscar mayer weiner wagon

6) In Silver Light

7) This Song Needs No Introduction

8) Theres Nothing Left To Do But Cry

9) Bicycle

10) Purple Day

11) Boop

12) Love In A Circle

Type: Music

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