The Firm "The Album" (CD)

The Firm "The Album" (CD)

CD - $8.99

Produced by Dr. Dre and Trackmasters, The Firm album contains contemporary hip hop and hardcore rap songs by Naz, AZ, Foxy Brown and introduces the artist Nature. The 1st track, "Firm Biz," promises to be an immediate radio success and features a massive video starring Dawn Robinson (formerly of en Vogue), Nas and Foxy Brown. Another highlight of the album is "Phone Tap"; produced by Dr. Dre, it feels like a classic track from the Chronic album.


  1. Intro
  2. Firm Fiasco
  3. Phone Tap Intro
  4. Phone Tap
  5. Executive Decision
  6. Firm Family
  7. Firm All Stars
  8. F* Somebody Else Intro
  9. F* Somebody Else
  10. Hardcore
  11. Untouchablem
  12. Five Minutes to Flush Intro
  13. Five Minutes to Flush
  14. Desparados Intro
  15. Desparados
  16. Firm Biz
  17. I'm Leaving
  18. Throw Your Guns

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