The Kount & Falcxne "Shakedown b/w Bungalow" 7 Inch Vinyl

The Kount & Falcxne "Shakedown b/w Bungalow" 7 Inch Vinyl

7 Inch Vinyl - $7.99

The modern funk connaisseurs Voyage Funktastique are back with the
second release from their blooming label. This time they are dropping a
boogie gem from Toronto’s The Kount on a scorching 7” that will have
DJs flipping both sides. Bungalow’s slowburning groove and bumping
bassline is the perfect track to get the dancefloor warmed up while
Shakedown is dripping with The Kount’s signature polyrythmic molasses.
Falcxne’s smooth vocals and G-Funk influences make for a killer 2 sider
that is sure to sell out just as quickly as VF’s first 45! Another essential
crate filler brought to you by these funktastical ambassadors.

Side A:

1) Shakedown

Side B:

1) Bungalow

Type: Music

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