äóìThe Life Story of James Dewitt Yanceyäó? (Book)

äóìThe Life Story of James Dewitt Yanceyäó? (Book)

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äóìTHE LIFE STORY OF JAMES DEWITT YANCEYäó? Vol. 1 ŒæA beautifully illustrated childrenäó»s book, page for page by talented artist Tokio Aoyama. The book is authored by Maureen Yancey-Smith andŒæco-authored by CQ Wilder, M,ED and Diana Boardley-Wise, MBA. This book is not your averageŒæchildrenäó»s book. It also includes an interactive audio component which is narrated by J Dillaäó»s mother, Maureen Yancey-Smith. ŒæJ Dilla aka James Dewitt Yancey, Jay Dee was born Feb. 7,Œæ1974 in Detroit, Michigan. HeŒæwas a multi-talented legendary musicŒæproducer and emceeŒæwho emerged from the mid-1990äó»s underground hip hop scene in Detroit, Michigan. He was also one third of the acclaimed music group Slum Village.

Every child is born with a special gift and Jamesξwas no exception.ξBefore James becameξone of the most influential producers in many music genres. James was just an ordinary boy with an extraordinary talent. By tapping into his musical talents at an early age, James was able to develop a keen ear by listening to severalξgenres of music. Jamesξalso experimented withξdifferent types of musical instruments until he found a few that would transform him, his legacy and music forever. ξThis audio bookξcovers the early years of his childhood where he grew up in a houseξraised by musical parents.ξHis mother was a seasoned singer and his father, Beverly, sang doo wop professionally and played piano and upright bass. Everyone in the house sang and were musically inclined.ξJames truly loved creating music and he followed his dreams!

This book is inspired by the stories from his mother, family and siblings. ξThis book covers the early years prior to him becoming the musicalξlegend we all have grown to love and know today!ξThis book set is due to release in November and will begin shipping by late November, just in time for the Holidays! ξThe amountξof books to be produced, will be a limited edition run.

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