The MJM Artists "Ruff Graft Revisited" Vinyl LP

The MJM Artists "Ruff Graft Revisited" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $22.99

Ruff Graft was originally an in-house collaborative beat-tape made within a week by just some of the Millennium Jazz Music roster as they all took time out to pay homage to the late great Mr. James Dewitt Yancey aka J Dilla.

They decided to revisit Ruff Graft and build upon the original track-list by
including some of their newer label mates and then record the whole thing to cassette tape for themselves and some dedicated collectors. By special request, the album was revisited once more to press a limited edition vinyl version on black 12 inches.

Track List:

1) DJ Jonny Jazz – RGR Tribute Intro
2) Dusty Ohms - Luv4Dilla
3) Stay Classy - Feel It
4) Bare Smoke – Bad
5) RickMal - CrazY EarS
6) SmokedBeat - Dillin’
7) Bones The Beat Head – Sober
8) Gadget - Claire Got Played
9) Stay Classy - Never Ever
10) Bare Beats - Walk By
11) SmokedBeat - Lovin’
12) Dusty Ohms - That Red Flip
13) Gadget - Bass Driven Cruise
14) Stay Classy - Pastry Interlude
15) Stará Kazka - Head In The Clouds
16) Dilla Donuts - Sycho Gast
17) DJ Jonny Jazz - RGR Tribute Outro

Type: Music

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