The Reavers "Terror Firma"

The Reavers "Terror Firma"

Vinyl - $14.99

The Reavers are a group including Vordul Mega of Cannibal Ox, Dom Pacino formerly of Wu-Tang affiliate Killarmy, Kong & Spiga of Monsta Island Czars, Akir, Karniege, Hasan Salaam, Billy Woods and more.


1.America (feat. Hasan Spiga & Akir Salaam) 
2. Web (feat. Vordul Mega & Billy Woods) 
3. Dusted (feat. Karniege) 
4. Slums (feat. Priviledge Akir & Billy Goldenchild & Vordul Mega Woods) 
5. Bodybuilding (feat. Keith Masters & Billy Woods) 
6. Pirate (feat. Priviledge)
7. Beast (feat. Spiega Kong) 
8. Invasion (feat. Hasan Salaam & Billy Woods)
9. Penmanship (feat. Vordul Mega, Billy Woods & Karniege) 
10. Napalm (feat. Dom Pacino, Keith Masters & NLZ)
11. Empire (feat. Priviledge, Billy Woods & Vordul Mega)
12. Melody (feat. Keith Akir, Priviledge Goldenchild & Karniege) 
13. Arcade (feat. Priviledge & Billy Woods) 
14. Nature (feat. Vordul Mega, Billy Woods & Spiega Goldenchild) 
15. Warrior (feat. Hasan Salaam)
16. Genocide (feat. Billy Spiega & Kong Woods) 
17. Scoundrels (feat. Keith Masters) 
18. Skirmish (feat. Priviledge & Billy Woods) 
19. Shadows (feat. Hasan Akir; Salaam; Billy Woods, Goldenchild & Vordul Mega) 
20. Hochiminh (feat. Vordul Mega & Billy Woods) 

Type: Music

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