The Live Band "A Chance for Hope" CD

The Live Band "A Chance for Hope" CD

CD - $15.99

Special Special Thanks to ALL our Moms Because You Made Us Live! So reads the liner notes of The LIVE Band's 1982 album A Chance For Hope, a line that epitomizes the bright, vivacious energy of this stellar release from the fabled Sound of Brooklyn label. Over the course of the album's eight tracks, the group's infectious R&B groove led by the powerful rhythms of Charles Dorsey on percussion and produced by Novell Holmes and Paul Chevalier resonates through tracks like "Oh, How I Love You" and "Strut Your Stuff." A certified classic amongst music aficionados, A Chance For Hope receives the proper treatment it deserves on this digitally remastered reissue.


  1. Prelude
  2. A Chance For Love
  3. Oh, How I Love You
  4. We Are Live
  5. Strut Your Stuff
  6. Living Your Life
  7. Serious Situation
  8. Reprise

Type: Music

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