The Roots "The Tipping Point" CD

The Roots "The Tipping Point" CD

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On their sixth album, the Roots backslide a bit on the creative promise they showed with 2002's Phrenology. Instead of expanding into more ambitious and experimental areas--the way Outkast has, for example--the Roots tend to fall back to basics with vigorous, but ultimately conventional, lyricism. There are definitely some truly great moments here: the album opens with near-magic on "Star," a mesmerizing song that is one of the finest of the group's career, and Black Thought is a one-man tour de force on "Boom!" where he mimics Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap down to their velour sweats.

Track Listing;

1. Star/Pointro

2. I Don't Care

3. Don't Say Nuthin

4. Guns Are Drawn

5. Stay Cool

6. Web

7. Boom!

8. Somebody's Gotta Do It (feat. Jean Grae / Devin The Dude)

9. Duck Down

10. Why (What's Goin On?)

Type: Music

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