The Simonsound "Reverse Engineering" CD

The Simonsound "Reverse Engineering" CD

CD - $9.99

The Simonsound is a sonic collaboration between Simon James and Matt Ford aka DJ Format. 'Reverse Engineering' is their tribute to 50s and 60s "space music" (the sort of Moog and theremin saturated music espoused by Raymond Scott, The Radiophonic Workshop et al) mixed with a mature B-Boy's sense of intrepid exploration beyond the annals of funk and soul. 

Track Listing;

  1. Tour De Mars
  2. Moon Rocks
  3. Inside The Capsule
  4. Hole In The Head
  5. Bad Love (featuring Debbie Clare)
  6. The One That Got Away
  7. Baker's Dozen
  8. Against The Clock
  9. Nautilus
  10. Between The Wake And The Sleep (featuring Debbie Clare)
  11. Lunar Ascent
  12. Call Of The Siren Part 1 (featuring Debbie Clare)
  13. Call Of The Siren Part 2 (

    featuring Debbie Clare)



  14. It's Just Begun


Type: Music

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