Thin Lizzy "Thin Lizzy" (Vinyl LP)

Thin Lizzy "Thin Lizzy" (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP - $24.99

Limited edition vinyl LP repressing of this 1971 album by the Irish rockers led by vocalist, bassist and songwriter Phil Lynott. The band's line-up may have changed over the years, but their popularity remained strong in Europe and abroad during their 12 years as a recording and touring unit (1971-83)


  1. The Friendly Ranger at Clontarf Castle
  2. Honesty Is No Excuse
  3. Diddy Levine
  4. Ray-Gun
  5. Look What the Wind Blew in
  6. Eire
  7. Return of the Farmer's Son
  8. Clifton Grange Hotel
  9. Saga of the Ageing Orphan
  10. Remembering Part 1

Type: Music

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