T La Rock "Lyrical King" CD

T La Rock "Lyrical King" CD

CD - $13.99

T La Rock, the master of the metaphor and complex rhyme design has reigned as the Lyrical King for over two decades. Inspiring a countless number of your favorite emcees from Kool G. Rap to Kool Keith, T La Rock pioneered lyrical complexity during Hip-Hop biggest growth spurt: the early 80s. This mans formidable style gave birth to many intellectual lyricists. Teamed up with super-producers Kurtis Mantronik and the legendary Rick Rubin, T La Rock has every right to claim the throne. "Its Yours" might be the classic most will look back to, but this full-length album is chock-full of hits and boasts 5 bonus "12-inch only" remixes as well. T La Rock is the Lyrical King, now give the man his crown.


  1. Lyrical King (From The Boogie Down Bronx)
  2. Back To Burn
  3. Tudy Fruity Judy
  4. Having Fun
  5. Three Minutes Of Beat Box
  6. Bust These Lyrics
  7. This Beat Kicks
  8. Big Beat In London
  9. It's Time To Chill
  10. Live Drummin With The Country Boy
  11. It's Yours (12" Radio Mix - 1984)
  12. Breakdown (12" Version - 1985)
  13. He's Incredible (12" Version - 1985)
  14. Breaking Bells (12" Version - 1986)
  15. Bass Machine (12" Version - 1986)

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