Tokayo (Versis & Swarvy) "Tokayo" Cassette
Tokayo (Versis & Swarvy) "Tokayo" Cassette
Tokayo (Versis & Swarvy) "Tokayo" Cassette

Tokayo (Versis & Swarvy) "Tokayo" Cassette

Cassette - $11.99

Brought together by the trailblazing MNDSGN & a pending collab with
Virginia’s T. Hemingway, Tokayo is the debut effort from LA’s Versis &
Philadelphia’s Swarvy.

Sharing a line from one of the first songs they wrote that read: “really gotta protect your magic” led them to their collective name when a friend used the term “tocayo” in response. In true hip-hop form, Tokayo flipped the Spanish term meaning “namesake” or “friend” as a testament to their bonding session talks on the often conflicting need to share yet protect y(our) magic.

With this in the back of their minds, the two continued cutting records & playing shows while exploring the dynamics of boundaries both musical & personal.

Laced with seeds sewn of their favorite things (existential humor, universal truths & of course, the love of music) Tokayo takes a shot at extending these talks with all readily listening.

Track List:

1) Skies Blue
2) Intuition
3) Darryl’s Groove
4) Keep Goin’
5) Wordnah
6) Pity Party

Type: Music

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