Tomppabeats "Arcade" Vinyl LP

Tomppabeats "Arcade" Vinyl LP

Vinyl LP - $19.99

Tomppabeats is back! After the groundbreaking success of his highly acclaimed debut and masterpiece Harbor, with sold out vinyl and cassette editions and millions of views on YouTube and even more listeners on Sound-Cloud and Spotify, the shooting star of beats finally returns with his new album Arcade. All about the beats! Somewhere between lo-fi, hip-hop, breakbeat, house or to keep it simple and plain: beats. Tomppabeats doesn’t really think in categories of genres anyway, he just makes music for the love and passion of the art and always keeping to his motto: “Have fun with it. Don’t stress about it.” Artwork by KIKKUJO.

Track List:

1) Tale

2) Smile

3) Waytolove

4) Reefknot

5) Just One More Dance

6) Uhhh

7) Between Friends

8) Goodbye

9) Tsukiji

10) K.O. 

11) Alley 3/4

12) Tina

13) Liketh

14) Hustle

15) Moneypants

16) 150916

Type: Music

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