Tony Palkovic "Born With A Desire" Vinyl EP

Tony Palkovic "Born With A Desire" Vinyl EP

Vinyl EP - $12.60

1985 compositions recorded in L.A. by multi-instrumentalist Tony Palkovic. PPU re-release features three solo sessions taken from PalkovicŠ—Ès Š—“Born With A DesireŠ—? album on DEEP WATER records (85). Š—“True To YourselfŠ—? the 10:00+ synthesizer fused jazz journey. Š—“Born With A DesireŠ—? just as the cover depicts, a lone sine wave nestled inside the birth symbol. Š—“Hoping For A Better WorldŠ—? where this record will never end.

Track Listing:


1. True To Yourself


2. Born With A Desire

3. Hoping For A Better World

Type: Music

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