Tony Allen ''Progress'' Vinyl LP

Tony Allen ''Progress'' Vinyl LP

Vinyl - $25.99

Drummer Tony Allen was the rhythmic force behind Fela Kuti's influential Afro-beat ensemble of the 1970s. Though Allen's own recordings expanded and elaborated on the formula they co-created, his early LPs remained out of print for years. Now the long-lost treasures are back as double-CD releases, and they still move and groove with the same force as three decades ago. Imagine a Nigerian version of James Brown's band with Art Blakey's finesse and Max Roach's jazzy complexity and you'll understand the groove signature of the extended tracks. With Allen's drumming driving the gut-level bass lines, down-home horns, spacy keyboards, and spicy vocals, cuts like the nearly 12-minute "Jealousy" and "Afro Disco Beat" will drive today's kids into Afro-diasporic dervishes that only a groove master like Tony Allen can conjure.


  1. Jealousy
  2. Hustler
  3. Progress
  4. Afro Disco Beat

Type: Music

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