Too Short "Blow The Whistle" (7" Vinyl)

Too Short "Blow The Whistle" (7" Vinyl)

7" Vinyl - $10.99

Too Short’s 2006 certified club staple “Blow The Whistle” gets the 7” treatment for the first time ever, and it’s safe to say it’s about time. Short Dog has long been considered Hip Hop royalty with countless classic singles and albums, but “Blow the Whistle” might be the biggest. It’s been referenced countless times (epic call outs – “what’s my favorite word”) and Drake grabbing a few lines to paraphrase this song 10 years after speaks to its staying power and relevancy. It takes a legend like Too Short to bring it like this and it doesn’t hurt that Lil Jon cooked up a fire pot beat to propel the cut up the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop and Hip Hop Songs chart. It staying power is undeniable.

Side A: 

1) Blow The Whistle

Side B: 

1) Blow The Whistle (Instrumental)

Type: Music

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