Tupac "2pacalypse Now" CD

Tupac "2pacalypse Now" CD

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2Pacalypse Now, the great debut release, is probably 2Pac's most raw political album. He addresses social issues such as police brutality, poverty, teenage pregnancy, and drug abuse with the anger of a young black male.

This album showcases all of the elements of 2Pac's nature that he later focused on at various stages in his life and career. 'Brenda's Got A Baby' and 'Violent' highlight 2 extremes of his complex character: Sadness in circumstances and raw vengeful anger driven by a need to survive.


1. Young Black Male

2. Trapped

3. Soulja's Story

4. I Don't Give a Fuck

5. Violent

6. Words of Wisdom

7. Something Wicked

8. Crooked Ass Nigga

9. If My Homie Calls

10. Brenda's Got a Baby

11. Tha' Lunatic

12. Rebel of the Underground

13. Part Time Mutha

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