Twin Peaks Limited Event Series Soundtrack 2X Vinyl LP (Neon Green)

Twin Peaks Limited Event Series Soundtrack 2X Vinyl LP (Neon Green)

Vinyl LP - $31.99
  • Limited Edition Neon Green Colored 2X Vinyl LP

In celebration of the rich musical tapestry of the new Twin Peaks limited series, the latest soundtrack has been divided into two double vinyl sets; one containing musical performances by indie artists appearing in person on the show (Red & Black Splatter 2X Vinyl LP), and another containing the soundtrack by David Lynch and his collaborators (Neon Green 2X Vinyl LP).

While the original series relied heavily on music to accentuate the mood of nearly every scene (remember that ubiquitous sleazy jazz lounge music?), Lynch enhances the eerie and bizarre vibe of the new series by doing the exact opposite - doing away with music almost entirely. Instead, Lynch and longtime collaborator Angelo Badalamenti carefully posit pieces of music in key scenes to fill in narrative gaps left by his confounding script, and the long stretches without music allow the soundtrack to hit even harder once it comes in.

Track List:

1) Twin Peaks Theme
2) American Woman (David Lynch Remix)
3) Laura Palmer's Theme (Love Theme From Twin Peaks)
4) Accident / Farewell Theme
5) Grady Groove (feat. Grady Tate)
6) Windswept (Reprise)
7) Dark Mood Woods / The Red Room
8) The Chair
9) Deer Meadow Shuffle
10) Threnody For The Victims Of Hiroshima (with Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra)
11) Slow 30s Room
12) The Fireman
13) Saturday (Instrumental)
14) Headless Chicken
15) Night
16) Heartbreaking
17) Audrey's Dance
18) Dark Space Low

Type: Music

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