Typical Cats "Civil Service" CD

Typical Cats "Civil Service" CD

CD - $12.99

It has been four long years since their now-classic debut Typical Cats dropped on Chicago hip hop label Galapagos4. Successful solo projects and worldwide tours have only whetted the appetites of the legions of fans eagerly anticipating the follow up. The time has come, and the Cats have a message.ξ
Track Listing:

  1. Can't Save
  2. Easy Cause It Is
  3. Typical Flows
  4. No Man Island
  5. Justice Coming
  6. 12th Story
  7. The Trouble
  8. Drink Ticket
  9. Butterfly Knife
  10. The Do
  11. The Pavement
  12. Style Wars Theory
  13. Before Before

Type: Music

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