Ultramagnetic Foundation "Ultra Laboratory Stories"

Ultramagnetic Foundation "Ultra Laboratory Stories"

CD - $14.99
Vinyl LP - $11.90

This LP delves deep into the Ultra lab vaults of unreleased vintage and current tracks produced solely by TR Love and Moe Luv. The music ranges from their early years during "Critical Beatdown" all the way up to "The Four Horsemen". The more current tracks stay the course and continue the New York rap sound that started heavy in the Bronx.


Track Listing:


2.Is It Them

3.Ride Wit Us

4.Cold Crush Interlude

5.Pain & Changes

6.Mind Games

7.Make It Rain

8.Bronx Bombers Interlude

9.Throw Your Hands Up

10.Mix It Down


12.Plucking Cards

13.TRs Verse Interlude

14.The Cipher

15.Baby I'm Mad

16.The Anger

17.Mechanizm Nice

18.TRs Feelin It

19.My Life

20.Live & Learn

21.Hard To Understand

22.Funk Radio

Type: Music

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