Unique & Dashan "Black To The Future" CD

Unique & Dashan "Black To The Future" CD

CD - $15.99

Originally released only on LP and cassette, this extremely rare 1989 album captures the urgent, forceful political and spiritual message of Unique and Dashan, two rappers associated with the legendary X-Clan and part of the Blackwatch Movement. Their natural chemistry, vital lyrics and hard-hitting beats (including "Double Trouble," produced by New York house legend Todd Terry) make this an essential addition to any Hip Hop fan's collection.

Track Listing;

  1. Protected By The Red Black And Green
  2. Blackwatch
  3. Lumumba
  4. House Is Taking Over
  5. Poet In His Own Time
  6. Three The Hard Way
  7. Brutalization
  8. Versatility
  9. Double Trouble
  10. House Is Taking Over (12 Rare Groove Mix)
  11. House Is Taking Over (12 City Beat Mix)
  12. Lumumba (Original 12" Mix)
  13. House Is Taking Over (12 Bassapella)

Type: Music

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