V/A "Dismembered & Unarmed" Vinyl + Book + T-Shirt (Box Set)
V/A "Dismembered & Unarmed" Vinyl + Book + T-Shirt (Box Set)
V/A "Dismembered & Unarmed" Vinyl + Book + T-Shirt (Box Set)
V/A "Dismembered & Unarmed" Vinyl + Book + T-Shirt (Box Set)
V/A "Dismembered & Unarmed" Vinyl + Book + T-Shirt (Box Set)

V/A "Dismembered & Unarmed" Vinyl + Book + T-Shirt (Box Set)

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  • Includes "Dismembered & Unarmed" Vinyl LP, "My Grandmother's Hands" Book by Resmaa Menakem (Signed by Resmaa) & Limited Edition T-Shirt
  • "Dismembered and Unarmed" is a Collaborative Album Executive Produced by Chaka Mkali (I Self Devine) & Resmaa Menakem
  • Produced & Engineered by Medium Zach & Album Art Created by Andres Guzman
  • Features on the Album Include Brother Ali, Lioness, Metasota, I Self Devine, Proper T, Paris Bennet, Lady Midnight, Greg Grease & Many More! 
  • Included is Resmaa Menakem's New Book, "My Grandmother's Hands", Which is About Racial Trauma & The Pathway to Mending Our Hearts & Bodies 

"From the start of the writing of this book we had a conceptualization that this needed to be a multi-sensory experience that incorporated sound, vibration, sight, image, and thought.

We wanted to provide people with multiple access points to this work. The first person to get involved was executive producer Chaka Mkali/I Self Devine, and because he is a multi talented artist he understood the heart of this project right away and ran with it. He brought in Lioness, Jake, Brother Ali, and many other producers and artists. 

This book ("My Grandmother's Hands") was written out of love and collaboration. The book could not have been written without the help and challenge of others. For years we have wanted to do some artistic work with Chaka and other musicians. When we shared with them the content of the book, they immediately wanted to do music for it. We are humbled by their time and dedication. May the ancestors be pleased by our work and efforts." -Resmaa Menakem 

More information about "My Grandmother's Hands" Book

It's the first self-discovery book to examine white body supremacy in America from the perspective of trauma and body-centered psychology, while providing a guide to the pathway to mending our hearts & bodies. "Dismembered & Unarmed" was created in conjunction with Menakem’s book "My Grandmother’s Hands" as a way to engage a larger audience.

More information about "Dismembered & Unarmed" Vinyl LP: 

The album, “Dismembered & Unarmed”, was created in conjunction of the book by Resmaa Menakem, and it features local Twin Cities artists such as Brother Ali, Lioness, Metasota, I Self Devine, Lady Midnight, Proper T, Greg Grease & many more. The album itself tackles issues such as police brutality, racial inequality, sexism & more social injustices, all the while combining an overall theme of healing our hearts & bodies.

Track List ("Dismembered & Unarmed"): 


1) "Here We Go" - Mama Dona, I Self Devine, Mankwe Ndosi, Jamela Pettiford, and Jayanthi Kyle (produced by Greg Grease)

2) "Heightened Anxiety" - Niles, I Self Devine, I–BE, Lady Midnight, and Afrokeys (produced by J.Hard)

3) "You Got It (Parts I & II)" - The Lioness, Greg Grease, and Paris Bennett (produced by J.Hard)

4) "Nobody Left" - I Self Devine, Tek, Alicia Steele, Lady Midnight,
and Bailey Cogan (produced by Budah Tye)

5) "Breathe" -Proper-T and Nate Collis (produced by MMYYKK)


1) "Colors" - Brother Ali, G. P. Jacob, Mike The Martyr, and Bailey Cogan (produced by MMYYKK)

2) "Faded / We The People" - Sarah White, I Self Devine, and Errybody
(produced by MMYYKK / Greg Grease)

3) "Ten Hut" - Budah Tye, I Self Devine, Proper-T, and Nesret Shu-Ankh Theba (produced by Budah Tye)


1) "Processions" - Metasota, I Self Devine, Afrokeys, and Alicia Steele
(produced by Greg Grease)

2) "Black Joy / We The People (Covert/Overt)" - I Self Devine, Jamela Pettiford, Mankwe Ndosi, Izell Pyramid, Jayanthi Kyle, Nate Collis, and Proper-T (produced by MMYYK / Greg Grease)

3) "Strong Friends" - Alibi, Jamela Pettiford, I Self Devine, The Lioness, Proper-T, Afrokeys, and Bailey Cogan (produced by Greg Grease)


1) "Blue Bodies" -I Self Devine (produced by Tek & Medium Zach)

2) "Healing Space" - Izell Pyramid, I Self Devine, Lady Midnight,
and Mankwe Ndosi (produced by Medium Zach)

3) "Nurture & Neglect (Parts I, II & III)" - Jamela Pettiford, Jayanthi Kyle,
Mankwe Ndosi, and Nate Collis (produced by MMYYKK)

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